Tech PR – Why should people understand your product?


The task of marketing a product competing with other providers of the same thing is not simple. There are a number of factors that interact to make an impression upon potential customers. Presentation, pricing, descriptive material, advertising, profiling image are all crucial and influential to tech PR, and not least of all the product itself. Also of vital importance is the ability to describe the product with a degree of clarity. Clarity that both inspires the potential customer and convinces them that the seller is to be believed and trusted more than competitors.

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The ability to impart a full description of the product and project an image of professionalism and total mastery of the subject cannot be underestimated in terms of importance in marketing. It isn’t simply a case of being able to answer the questions of potential customers; it is about the possession of a deep knowledge base that allows those selling and marketing a product to be able to be flexible and to match their descriptions and marketing to suit any potential customer. For example, it is clearly not important for someone who simply wants to buy a vacuum cleaner to deal with pet hair to understand how the digital controls of the motor work in technical detail; what is important is a clear demonstration of how effectively the machine can do the job, with descriptive dialogue that allows the potential buyer to understand why that machine is the best one to buy above all others. A specialist tech PR firm will be able to give your audience the following:



Potential purchasers want to be clear on what they are buying and why they need it. Technical information and product description can help a potential buyer navigate their way through the variety of similar products available, but it will be that something special that makes one product stand out from its competitors that tips the scales in favour of a sale. The greater the depth of understanding about a product that is demonstrated by those at the font end of sales, the more able they will be to instil confidence in the potential buyer that this really is the product for them. This involves being able to give an overall description of the product that is buyer-friendly, does not overwhelm the customer, but leaves none of their questions unanswered. The less doubt there is in a customer’s mind regarding a product in which they are interested, the less likely they are to go elsewhere.


Everyone is different and we all ask questions as they arise for us in different ways and in different timeframes. A much-rehearsed but inflexible ‘sales spiel’ learned by heart does not allow the customer to break in with questions readily as they arise, and cannot contain all of the information necessary to give the customer all they need.
The more knowledge a front line sales worker has, the more flexibility they will be able to call upon to meet the customer’s individual needs. This will give the customer confidence in the person with whom they are dealing, and in the product.


Once a potential customer has entered into a dialogue with a member of staff, whether by email, telephone or face to face contact, they will be happier to proceed if they can maintain that dialogue with the same person. An employee with less of a knowledge base about a product than others may be found in the unenviable position of having to seek assistance from a colleague in order to answer a customer’s question and this can be off putting for the customer and does not present a professional, well trained image. It is therefore vital that all employees have the same depth of knowledge and understanding about a product, and this clearly has implications for training on an ongoing and in depth level.


brand and public image

A company that has employees who can display an in depth knowledge of a product across the workforce can work as a unified team to get across to the wider public the characteristics and benefits of a product, leading to a cohesive and sound public image. Continuity of expertise about the product will be displayed and reinforce the professionalism of any workforce or member. A Tech PR firms with a good grasp of your industry will be able to best convey this good public image.

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