Dance Production Design & Technology

Written by Author Jeremy Hopgood, “Dance Production Design & Technology” provides the reader with all of the skills required to successfully plan, coordinate and execute the various elements within any dance production. This can be a rather technical matter and there is indeed much more that takes place “behind the scenes” than may initially meet the eye. Thus, this book offers up valuable advice in terms of background, lighting and even how to choose the correct costumes to accentuate discrete movements. One unique aspect about this work is that it gives every concern an equal importance and takes the reader through a step-by-step process; ideal when implementing its suggestions into an actual dance production.

dance Production Design & Technology

Bridging a Gap

Another beneficial aspect of Dance Production Design & Technology is that it intends to bridge the proverbial gap often observed between technicians and artists. As such a well-rounded approach is crucial to the successful completion of any performance, the reader will certainly be impressed with what is contained inside.

Three Sections for Easy Reference

This compendium is categorised into three different sections. These are:

• Thinking Ahead
• Production Areas
• Quick Reference

The first third is devoted to pre-production concerns, methods to collaborate with different stakeholders and how to choose the best space for a particular performance. The second portion addresses physical concerns such as stage management, media relations, props, costumes, lighting, sound and logistics. This can be considered to be the “meat” of the book. The third segment is intended to be used as a quick reference guide. This includes suggestions, common terminology and theatre vernacular.

Easy and Entertaining

As opposed to being presented in a rather cut-and-dry manner, Dance Production Design & Technology allows the reader to enjoy a very hands-on experience. This is bolstered thanks to the hundreds of full-colour illustrations. Some of these photos represent respected design companies such as Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Alvin Ailey and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. This helps the reader to appreciate how different principles within the book are applied to real-world situations.

There are also dozens of professional interviews offered. These provide additional insight and clarity in regards to how technical suggestions can be included into a dance production with the minimal amount of effort. So, the author has successfully found a synergy between technical needs and more artistic requirements.

Dance Production Design & Technology is ideal for a number of professional positions. From the dancers and choreographers themselves to stage hands and production managers, there is something in here for everyone. This is a must-read book for anyone looking to excel in such a challenging artistic industry.

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